Over the Counter Bladder Control


What is Over the Counter Bladder Control?

Over the counter bladder control is a high quality nutritional herbal supplement that is ideal for the promotion of bladder health with continued use.

Lifestyle Discipline tips for a healthy lifestyle Over the Counter Bladder Control

Overactive bladder patients should practice caution when it comes to food as many patients feel that the consumption of overactive bladder supplements alone is enough to warrant the drinking of irritant beverages and smoking of cigarettes. The fact of the matter is medication for overactive bladder works hand in hand with a bit of lifestyle discipline.

Quitting smoking is a must for a smoker as it leads to overactive bladder symptoms. It causes the irritation of the bladder muscles as cigarette smoke can lead to coughing spasms that is a no-no for a bladder control condition. Coughing spasms contribute to urinary leakage and loss of bladder control. A smoker should think twice before lighting that stick of cigarette.

Coffee, alcohol and colas are bladder irritant beverages that should be substituted with blueberry or cranberry juices as well as plenty of plain drinking water. Food rich in fibres including whole grain buns, oatmeal, barley and green leafy vegetables should be a part of the diet of an overactive bladder sufferer.

Having a bladder control problem should not lead an individual to the reduction of plain water consumption. While keeping bathroom schedule in check, an overactive bladder patient should continue to drink plain water for general health improvement. Drinking water before going to sleep may be stopped, approximately two hours before the declaration of the day as complete. The initiation of the healing process of over the counter overactive bladder medication in a smooth and effective manner is critically interdependent with some necessary lifestyle modification.

Facts about Over the Counter Bladder Control

Over the counter bladder control does not work like magic as patients often want quick results in a matter of days which is very unlikely to happen. Even the highest quality medicinal supplements need time to work their magic on the body, something that does not occur overnight or in a matter of 3 to 4 days.

The remedying process of over the counter bladder control medicine occurs bit by bit in a slow fashion, taking time, particularly for a sufferer of an overactive bladder for quite a while.  Waiting for at least a couple of weeks before positive improvement in bladder control is experienced is the ideal scenario.

Over the counter bladder control medication does not make the condition completely go away while keeping it at bay. Bathroom trips will become less frequent after three weeks while bladder control symptoms will be rarely experienced in a couple of months of continued use, turning the condition into a much more manageable irritation.

Over the counter medication for bladder control need to be continuously used for the general maintenance of bladder health. It is of primary importance that consumption of the medication is maintained and given time to work, unless some kind of allergic reaction to the medication is experienced, calling for the immediate discontinuation of its consumption.

An Option for Over the Counter Bladder Control Available on the Market

Flotrol Bladder Control Formula flotrol label Over the Counter Bladder Control

Flotrol Bladder Control Formula is an all natural dietary supplement created for the relief and cure of the problems of bladder control. It is a 100% natural dietary supplement composed of specifically targeted herbal ingredients renowned for bladder health improvement. It helps in the strengthening of the muscles around the bladder and the calming of the bladder for the complete elimination of the sense of urgency.

There is no worry or concern when it comes to side effects as Flotrol is an all natural product and its consumption alongside other medications normally causes no adverse reaction. It is of course still advised that a doctor be consulted before attempting to take Flotrol together with other medications.

Recommendation for Over the Counter Bladder Control

Study participants given Flotrol for treatment showed marked improvements over their previous bladder control symptoms in a matter of 7 days, and with the improvement continued as the taking of the medication is continued. Known for the promotion of a healthy bladder is the soy germ extract that constitutes Flotrol while known for healing of the urinary tract is what the lipid free pumpkin seed extract that it also consists of. The creation of an effective natural alternative to urinary problems is what the combination of these two ingredients does.

Flotrol is a natural and affordable product for the quick relief of bladder issues without any side effects. It is definitely for the overactive bladder patient tired of having to constantly know where the nearest bathroom is and embarrassed of having bladder control issues. It offers a 90 day money back guarantee for every purchased bottle, a 4 bottle order comes with 1 free bottle and a 6 bottle order comes with 2 free bottles. Our recommendation for over the counter bladder control is the Flotrol Bladder Control Formula.

Our Recommendation : Flotrol

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