Nicocure is the #1 electronic cigarette on the market today

Nicocure Nicocure is the #1 electronic cigarette on the market todayNicocure

Nicocure is the #1 electronic cigarette on the market today. An electronic cigarette a.k.a. e-cig, is an electrical inhaler simulating the act of tobacco smoking.

With a similar physical design as a conventional cigarette, Nicocure can still satisfy your sense of smoking as it still produces the nicotine release.

Nicocure is a battery powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine via vaporized solutions. An e-cig is definitely healthier way of smoking compared to traditional cigarettes.

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Some bad aspects of traditional cigarettes are avoided when smoking Nicocure. Nicocure does not contain any toxic chemical and harmful tar, thus, it does not cause yellow teeth, bad breath and bad smell on clothes.

Nicocure smokers will not experience smoker’s cough. The delivery of nicotine uses water, resulting to the user exhaling only vapour.

Nicocure can be smoked virtually anywhere, since there is no fire, no smoke, no ash.

Nicocure gives people a choice of a smoking alternative and is gaining more popularity as the years go by. Its increasing popularity has encourages e-cig manufacturers to introduce innovations in each new e-cig release.

Many people who switched from traditional smoking to Nicocure smoking feel better, having improved moods, better looking skin and more energy.

Nicocure can be good as a quitting tool for smokers who want to stop. Because people tend to become addicted to the habit of smoking over the nicotine itself, breaking the habit becomes harder.

The transition from smoke to vapour, being subtle, can be an excellent first step to finally quitting the addiction.

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The components of Nicocure include:

  • batteries
  • indicator light
  • atomizing device
  • liquid container
  • inhaler

Nicocure can be screwed, by turning it to the right and unscrewed, by turning it to the left.

Nicocure Banner Nicocure is the #1 electronic cigarette on the market today

Nicocure Product Features:

  • 5 tobacco flavoured cartomizers
  • Last longer than competing brands
  • Healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes
  • Money saver – no need to buy traditional cigarettes over and over again
  • Recommended by some doctors
  • Durable storage case
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent customer service
  • Starter kit equipped with:
    •  newest ECIG technology (400 puffs each),
    • rechargeable lithium battery,
    • wall charger,
    • USB charger


Nicocure Pros & Cons: Nicocure Image Nicocure is the #1 electronic cigarette on the market today


  • Safer to use than traditional cigarettes
  • Healthier for user and people around him as well as the environment
  • Does not contain any cancer causing agents
  • Offers nicotine without any harmful additives
  • Comes in a variety of scent flavours
  • Easier alternative to quitting smoking than nicotine patches, et al
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  • Questionable quality control
  • Available to youngsters


What People Have To Say About Nicocure:

“I’ve tried other brands of electronic cigarettes and none come close to the Nicocure Cigs “satisfaction action” of inhaling a tobacco cigarette. Nicocure lasts longer than other brands too, and you can choose the strength and flavor that’s right for you.”

“We intend to tell all of our friends and relatives about your e-cigarette. In fact, I have encouraged everyone to order before the holidays and take control. We know a great many people who smoke. We have our doctor’s blessing on this as well.”

“Thank you so much for replying to my inquiry so promptly. This has reinstated my confidence that your company is on the up and up. I have a lot of smoker friends, co-workers and family whom I will be telling about Nicocure. Thank you once again for your excellent customer service.”




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