Natural Bladder Control

What is Natural Bladder Control?

Natural bladder control overcomes incontinence and excessive urination through a natural and healthy approach. The development of better control of pelvic muscles can alleviate the problem and one of the best ways to develop this control is through kegel exercises.

About Kegel Exercises

kettlebell turkish getup Natural Bladder ControlA kegel, also known as pelvic floor muscle training. is a pelvic floor exercise developed to help women with postpartum incontinence. It is an specific type of exercise targeted at the muscles of the pelvic floor, that supports the rectum, vagina and the pelvis urethra. It is one of the first line treatments for stress urinary incontinence.

Steps for Natural Bladder Control

Natural bladder control consists of finding the right muscles to squeeze, the ones used to cut off the flow of urine in midstream. Women can place a finger inside the vagina in an attempt to squeeze the muscles around it. The sensation will be more pronounced as the muscles grow stronger.

Organic bladder control involves the consultation of a doctor or nurse in helping find the right muscles should the individual find it futile looking for them himself. Squeezing the wrong muscles, including those in the buttocks, stomach or legs, can place more pressure on the bladder control muscles. Also, a doctor or nurse can assist in the use of exercise aids and biofeedback, a device that uses electrodes and a monitor for ensuring that kegel exercises are performed in the correct manner.

Natural control overactive bladder involves the development of a routine of pelvic muscle contraction, contraction holding for 3 seconds and holding release, with the eventual goal of building up holding to 10 seconds. Doing a set of 10 kegel exercises 3 times a day should produce noticeable improvement within 2 to 3 months including less frequent leakage of urine.

Natural bladder control remedies include doing kegel exercises in various positions, standing, sitting and lying down. The strengthening of the muscles is best achieved with the development of this habit. An exercise set can be done while working at a desk or standing in the kitchen, so there is no need for setting a special time aside to do the exercises.

Natural control bladder health is achievable through a variation of techniques, that include doing kegel exercises in mini-kegels, rapid bursts where a quick count to 10 or 20 for a muscle squeeze once with each number and exercise slowdown, involving gradual muscle contraction and relaxation.

An Option for Natural Bladder Control Available on the Market

Flotrol Bladder Control Formula healthcareremedy Natural Bladder Control

Flotrol Bladder Control Formula is a natural bladder control supplement for people who have overactive bladders, made from herbs, a mixture of soy germ extract and lipid free pumpkin seed extract, that strengthen bladder muscles and control urination, particularly incontinence. The task of the soy in the supplement is to keep the bladder healthy while the job of the pumpkin seed extract is to heal the urinary tract.

As a problem with the urinary tract and bladder affect the sufferer psychologically, emotionally and socially, there is a need for the problem to be taken cared off as the bladder plays a significant role in the life of any individual.

It is for adults that Flotrol is primarily used. Proven to be safe and producing no side effects are its two active ingredients of soy extract and pumpkin seed extract. The absence of side effects is assured by the naturalness of the product. A sufferer can use Flotrol without harm to his metabolism as it does not have any side effect on the body.

There is, however, the necessity for doctor consultation should the sufferer expect to use any prescription medication or drug along with the taking of Flotrol or should the sufferer have other medical conditions, to make sure that there is the absence of conflict among the ingredients of both medications to be taken simultaneously.

Recommendation for Natural Bladder Control

The Flotrol natural bladder control supplement can only be taken for a period of 2 weeks, a sufficient enough time for the body to gain some control over the bladder. The bladder is expected to become stronger with the passing of days. It is imperative to keep in mind that Flotrol does make the bladder strong and healthy but it is not a cure for any urinary tract or bladder disease. Our natural bladder control recommendation is the Flotrol Bladder Control Formula.

Our Recommendation : Flotrol

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