Home Remedies for Children Suffering from Constipation

Constipation in toddlers is a very common condition. It’s usually temporary and might be triggered by nutritional changes, premature toilet training or inadequate exercise. Transient constipation isn’t a significant problem, but serious cases of constipation can lead to rectal fissures. While laxatives might be essential but you can consider some natural home remedies which can be effective to treat mild cases.

There is no need to drink considerable amounts of fluid to deal with constipation. For kids over the age of twelve months, enough fluid is around 32 oz . of water or any other non-milk fluids each day. Milk is a constipating factor for many children as well as other drinks containing caffeine.

If your little one continues to be constipated for a short while, altering what she or he eats might be the only real treatment needed. Eating a fiber rich diet can help eliminate constipation by softening the stool. Fibers can be found in whole grain products, beans, fruits, veggies and nuts. Reducing the quantity of processed meals your toddlers consumes and including those that contains Lactobacillus acidophilus is suggested. Bananas, whitened bread and whitened grain are constipating meals that need to be prevented.

Teaching your son or daughter some relaxation methods, for example breathing, might help ease your son or daughter’s anxiety and constipation. Massaging your son or daughter’s abdomen can also be advantageous and may help relax the muscles connected with getting a bowel movement.

Regular activity is important for dealing with and stopping constipation in toddlers. Exercise helps digested food pass through the digestive tract. It is suggested that your children participate in biking, swimming or even just walking regularly.

Your son or daughter can have a regular comfort room habit if he or she will be trained to do so every day. Encourage them to go to the restroom about half an hour after having their meals, and also allow them to stay in the bathroom  for five to ten minutes, even when he is not feeling the urge to move. Make it a to-do list every single day each week, whether at home or gone for a family vacation.

Some toddlers have concerning signs and symptoms with constipation or have constipation that doesn’t get better with home remedies. During these situations, your little ones should visit a physician to have professional help. The physician is going to do an actual examination, and could even perform a rectal check if needed. Most kids with constipation won’t require any laboratory testing or x-rays.

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