Hive Relief offers a revolutionary cure for hive symptoms

Hive Relief

Hive Relief Hive Relief offers a revolutionary cure for hive symptomsHives

Hives, medically known as urticaria, are red, itchy, raised skin areas, appearing in a variety of shapes and sizes, each characteristically lasts no longer than 6 to 12 hours.

Hives can rapidly change in size and move around, disappearing in one spot to reappear in another, often in a matter of hours.

Hives are caused by direct physical stimulation by environmental forces. They flare up suddenly and are typically not associated with long term or serious complications.

Angioedema is the swelling deeper in the skin that may accompany hives. This swelling of the hands, feet, lips or eyelids can be as dramatic as it is brief.


Causes of Hives

Hives appear when histamine and other compounds are released from body cells called mast cells, normally found in the skin. Histamine causes fluid to leak from local blood vessels, leading to skin swelling.

While some hives may be caused by allergies to food, medication, food coloring, preservative and insect stings, the cause for majority of cases are idiopathic, i.e., never established.

Hives may cause stress but stress does not cause hives.

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Complications due to Hives

In rare cases, urticaria and angioedema may be accompanied by a striking decrease in blood pressure and difficulty in breathing. This is called anaphylaxis, the cause of which ranges from being hereditary to a simple bee sting or drug allergy.


Categories of Hives

Hives fall into two chronological categories, i.e., acute urticaria a.k.a. ordinary hives, which resolve after 6 to 8 weeks and chronic urticaria, which continue longer than 6 to 8 weeks.

Physical urticaria is a type of chromic urticaria produced from physical stimuli. Dermographism is the most common form of physical urticaria, where itchy, raised red welts with adjacent flares appear whenever the skin is scratched or when belts and other clothing articles rib against the skin.

Cholinergic urticaria is another common form of physical urticaria. It produces hundreds of small, itchy bumps, occurring within 15 minutes of exercise or physical exertion.


Hive Reliel Medication 300x203 Hive Relief offers a revolutionary cure for hive symptomsHive Relief Medication

A few hive cases are caused by medications taken for the first time a few weeks before. When a medication is implicated as the cause, the drug intake must be immediately stopped.

The goal in hive relief medication is to relieve the symptoms while the condition goes away by itself.

Antihistamines are the most commonly used oral hive relief medicine. They oppose the effects of the histamine leaked by mast cells. Drowsiness is the major side effect of antihistamines.

Oral steroids provide hive relief for severe hive cases in the short term, as their usefulness is limited by the fact that hive cases last too long for steroid use to be safely continued.

Other hive relief medication include montelukast a.k.a. singulair, ultraviolet radiation, antifungal antibiotics, immune system suppression agents and tricyclic anti-depressants.

Topical therapies are also available as hive relief medicine, including creams and lotions that numb nerve endings and reduce itching.


Oxyhives Oxyhives 112x300 Hive Relief offers a revolutionary cure for hive symptoms

For hive relief, Oxyhives combines all the potent natural ingredients to formulate a revolutionary cure for the gruesome symptoms that accompany hives. These ingredients include apismellifica 200c a.k.a. honey bee, arnica montana 6X, hepar 6X, lachesis, mercuriussolubilis 200C and ichthyolum 6X.

Oxyhives, being a homeopathic approach to hive relief medication, is a completely safe route to hive relief as it does not result to any kind of toxicity or side effect.

Oxyhives come in the form of an aerosol that is so easy to use and 100% effective. All it takes is spraying the aerosol 2 to 3 times a day under the tongue, to allow the sublingual application to enter the bloodstream and start working.

Oxyhives offer rapid hive relief to both acute and chronic hives, as soon as it is administered, the result depending only on the intensity of the condition. It completely eradicates all hive symptoms regardless of intensity.




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