Electronic Cigarette offers ease in switching from the traditional type of cigarette

Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette a.k.a. e-cigarette industry has contributed to the changing habits of smokers. As many as 1/5 of smokers have tried e-cigarettes, in an attempt to quit smoking.

The electronic cigarette was first developed by the Chinese. It was introduced to the U.S. market in 2007. Many brands are mistaken for a regular tobacco cigarette due to similarity in appearance.

Electronic Cigarette 300x143 Electronic Cigarette offers ease in switching from the traditional type of cigarette

The main difference of an electronic cigarette to a regular cigarette is its being a tobacco free product. It is actually a vaporizer that heats up a liquid instead of burning tobacco.

The liquid is turned into vapor, which is then inhaled or vaped. Whether the vapor in an electronic cigarette offers health advantages over traditional cigarette smoke remains debatable.


Electronic Cigarette Effects

Nothing to Burn

E-cigarettes run on a lithium battery containing a vaporization chamber and a cartridge filled with liquid. Puffing an electronic cigarette triggers the battery to power its device for heating and vaporizing the liquid.

Some e-cigarettes have a cigarette-like LED tip that glows in color, usually red, when puffed. Because what is inhaled is vapor, there is no smoke, no carbon monoxide and no odor.



Depending on the type of electronic device used, electronic cigarette devices are maintainable and reusable. The cartridge liquid needs to be regularly re-supplied, either by inserting a new one or refilling an empty one.

Its battery needs only recharging. Many an electronic cigarette comes with available USB and car charges.

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Cheaper than a Cigarette Habit

An electronic cigarette habit is cheaper for smokers with a pack-a-day habit. Price reduction of an electronic cigarette habit can come in the form of purchasing the cartridge liquid in bulk and refilling the cartridges instead of replacing them.

Allowance in Smoke-free Places

Because there is little regulation of electronic cigarette devices and their being smokeless tobacco products with no health risks, e-cigarettes are allowed in otherwise smoke-free environments.

However, in some cases, e-cigarettes are only allowed in vaping lounges or stores where the e-cigarette devices and associated products are sold.



Electronic Cigarette Effects on Health

E-cigarette Liquid Contains Nicotine

While an electronic cigarette is smoke free and tobacco free, it is not nicotine free. Its liquid is a combination of nicotine, flavorings, e,g,. bubble gum or watermelon, a solvent known as propylene glycol and other additives.

The nicotine amount in an e-cigarette depends upon the mixture of the liquid-nicotine cartridge installed in it. It can contain nicotine amounts comparable to regular tobacco cigarettes or light & ultralight cigarettes.

However, there are also cartridges not containing nicotine, designed for users wanting the sensory experience of smoking without the harmful effects.


Electronic Cigarette Toxicity

Liquid nicotine is extracted from tobacco and can be lethal. It can cause harm when inhaled and be harmful when ingested or absorbed through the skin.

Only a small dose of liquid nicotine is already dangerous, less than 1 tablespoon can kill an adult and as little as a teaspoon can kill a child.

There are also suggestions that certain e-cigarette devices also release metals, including tin, and other toxic and carcinogenic impurities during use.

Electronic Cigarette Effects on Health Electronic Cigarette offers ease in switching from the traditional type of cigarette

Second Hand Vapor

Nicotine exposure from an electronic cigarette is a real phenomenon. However, compared to regular cigarette smoke, the exposure is far less from an e-cigarette vapor.

Nicotine emissions from e-cigarette vapor are 10 times lower than from tobacco burning. The second hand aerosol also contains insignificant amounts of tobacco-specific toxins, i.e., carbon monoxide and other toxic volatile organic compounds.


Lung Damage

Electronic cigarette users experience diminished lung function, airway resistance and cellular changes, regardless of whether they are currently cigarette smokers.

Cells exposed to e-cigarette vapor show unhealthy changes similar to cells exposed to tobacco smoke.

Side effects of e-cigarette use include airway resistance and other signs of lung inflammation.


Nicocure Nicocure Electronic Cigarette offers ease in switching from the traditional type of cigarette

Nicocure is a popular choice among smokers because of the ease it offers for switching from the traditional type of cigarette by providing a formulation that tastes, looks and feels like the real one.

Nicocure proves to the top cigarette alternative for looking young, feeling happy and minimizing serious health risks.

Nicocure is an industry leader in making top quality and technologically sophisticated product in the electronic cigarette niche.


Nicocure Distinctive Features

Nicocure does not contain toxic chemicals or tar. It provides the experience of smoking satisfaction together with risk prevention. No chemicals translate to no bad breath, yellow teeth, smoker’s cough or residue smell and smoke on clothing and environment.

Nicocure is permissible in airports, airplanes and other areas where traditional smoking is not permissible due to the absence of emitted flames and toxins. Because an electronic cigarette smoker only breathes out water vapor, he is allowed to casually smoke when he goes out on an evening date.

Nicocure Banner Electronic Cigarette offers ease in switching from the traditional type of cigarette




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