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What are Bladder Control Products?

Bladder control products are absorbent products designed not only for urine absorption and holding for a significant period of time, but also for any associated odor control. Absorbency is the most critical among the three functions of absorbent products such as liners, pads, disposable and reusable underwear.

Urinary Incontinence Odor Controlbladder control side Bladder Control Products

Some type of odor control is featured in most incontinence pads, liners and disposable underwear. Baking soda is one natural odor absorbing compound that is used to treat bladder control product materials. Fragrance is added to the pad, liner or garment, that some users find pleasant while others find causes skin irritation, by some manufacturers.

These odor control compounds can cause problems for users with sensitive skin, thus, if they are a problem, it is preferred to look for fragrance free products that do not contain any chemicals for odor control.

The removal of urine stains and odors is possible with the use of sprays and special detergents, available in the incontinence section of pharmacies, in mail order health catalogs and online, should urine be leaked accidentally onto a garment of furniture.

Characteristics of Bladder Control Products

Bladder control products are designed for incontinence control through the immediate pulling of the moisture away from the skin and shuttling it deep into the pad where it evenly spreads as well as catching leaks, drips, dribbles and flows for incontinence control. The resultant is the afflicted person goes longer without the need to change.

Bladder control supplies vary in absorption rate, despite all incontinence protection products having a saturation point, holding only so much liquid. Dissatisfaction with the protection derived from a current product leads to the transfer to another brand as this absorption rate variation can be dramatic and no industry standard has been set for plus and ultra plus product types.

Bladder control supplements come with waterproof backing in many disposable pads, liners and undergarments for prevention of overflow from reaching clothes. A breathable plastic film that does more than simply offer extra protection is the newest waterproof system, that also reduces skin irritation, exposure to urine acids and urinary dermatitis, commonly associated with some waterproof linings.

An Option for Bladder Control Products Available on the Market

Flotrol Bladder Control Formula

72121749 149x149 0 0 Ultra+Max+Flotrol+Natural+Bladder+Support+3+120+Ta Bladder Control ProductsFlotrol Bladder Control Formula is an all natural product for those suffering from an overactive bladder consisting of pumpkin seed and soybean germ extracts, both well known herbal supplements for urinary tract health promotion.

Tests shows that 85% out of 25 participants with an overactive bladder reported Flotrol helped within the first week of usage while 15% reported the product helped within the first 3 days of usage, representing a 100% success rate within 7 days, a quite remarkable feat for a product with all natural ingredients. All 20 participants report back every 2 weeks for status update and stated that the product has helped continuously.

Slight headaches that started around the same time that Flotrol was started to be taken were noted by 4 out of the 25 participants. However, the cause of the headaches was not exactly proven to be directly connected to the taking of the product. Other than this, there were no other reported side effects during the test.

Flotrol strengthens the detrusor muscle which in turn controls urinary flow. It promulgates control over the bladder through the enabling of the afflicted person to get control over the muscle. This muscle allows urine to flow out without permission as it gets weak over time. A simile is found with filling a balloon with water and flipping it upside down while tightly holding its end with the fingers. Some of the water leaks out of the balloon while held because the fingers holding it did not have the proper strength to do the task.

Recommendation for Bladder Control Products

There are no safety concerns with use of Flotrol as it is an impressive blend of natural herbs produced by a company that has met its expectations and exceeded the expectations of its users. It is one of the best bladder control products currently available on the market. Tests have proven Flotrol to work best for control of a constant going bladder producing the best results. Our recommendation for bladder control products is the Flotrol Bladder Control Formula.

 Our Recommendation : Flotrol

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