Alta White makes a breeze out of the whole teeth whitening process

Alta White Alta White makes a breeze out of the whole teeth whitening processAlta White

While the teeth whitening process takes hours with teeth whitening kits, whiter teeth is gotten almost in an instant with Alta White, making a breeze out of the whole teeth whitening process.

To get whiter teeth with Alta White Teeth Whitening, there is no need for use of any annoying mouth trays or strips. Use of too many accessories is not a problem with this teeth whitening solution.

Great results in just a short while, for less than a week, as fast as 6 days, can be expected after just the simple application of Alta White everyday. This gives the treatment an advantage as undergoing messy whitening procedures is avoided.


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Alta White is an affordable teeth whitening solution. Whiter teeth is obtainable in the absence of any side effects.

Another factor to the great value for money of Alta White Teeth Whitening is the removal of the need to go to the dentist to have teeth whitened.

It is a fact that a visit to a dentist is quite expensive and the clinical teeth whitening procedure is a tedious one not to mention the possibility of a painful jaw after the process.

Alta White is an advantageous teeth whitener not only due to its price and ease of use but its efficacy and simplicity. Confidence in smiling is reached without undergoing much trouble, making Alta White Teeth Whitening the most ideal teeth whitening product on the market.


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About the Alta White regimen

The teeth should be thoroughly brushed and floss prior to Alta While application.

The 3 simple steps involved in the Alta White Teeth Whitener application:

  • snap the blue-ringed side of the applicator swab to ensure that the applicator is saturated with the liquid solution
  • dip the applicator swab into the powder solution
  • gently rub the applicator swab on the upper teeth to apply the whitening powder onto the teeth, without need for forceful rubbing, making sure it is applied on every part of the teeth, specifically the visible areas; repeat the process for the lower teeth

After using the swabs, the upper and lower teeth must be gently brushed with a damp toothbrush to ensure the removal of stains and plague

The mouth and the toothbrush are then rinsed with cool water.


Alta White Banner Alta White makes a breeze out of the whole teeth whitening process


The active ingredients in Alta White include:

  • Whitening powder ingredients
    • magnesium - whitens teeth without harming the enamel
    • aluminum trihydroxide - polishes teeth
    • Applicator ingredients
      • water
      • glycerine
      • methylparaben
      • propylparaben
      • peppermint flavour
      • FD&C blue 1


Alta White Features: Alta White Image Alta White makes a breeze out of the whole teeth whitening process

  • polishes teeth while whitening
  • removes plaque
  • quick and easy application
  • no messy strips or trays to wear
  • get professional results from home
  • no costly dentist visit


Alta White Pros & Cons:



  • may cause an allergic reaction in some people
  • using the product with an open wound or serious burn near or around the mouth may cause pain, swelling, redness or irritation


What Customers Have To Say About Alta White:

“You see, it is very clear that there has been a lot of planning involved in the development of this product. The ingredients are carefully chosen so that people using it never develop any kind of side effects and that is what creates confidence and trust between the consumer and the creator of the product. I myself have been using it and so have been my patients. Free of any fear that it is going to make my teeth unhealthy in any way. You can’t really trust anything so people stick to things that work.”

“I have been using several different products and this is the first one that managed to whiten my teeth and make them healthier in the process. Also, it is not too expensive so I can afford it and never worry about huge expenses that I had while using some of the different things. Of course, going to the dentist is not an option as it would cost me ten times more than that. Now you can see why Alta White is my choice and why I have been recommending it to all of my friends.”




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