All Natural Remedies for Smelly Feet

Searching for an all natural feet odor remedy? You are not by yourself. Nobody likes stinky feet so find a solution making it smell human again. Seriously, a foot odor issue is a significant problem but it’s not right to accept it because it can be healed naturally.

Some suggestions you can test in lowering your feet odor are:

Soak your feet in tea. What you will need to do is brew a few bags of black tea in water. After brewing the tea you will need to soak your feet for ten to fifteen minutes each day. The tannic acidity within the tea can help stop your feet from sweating to begin with, and for that reason keep your feet odor away.

Another way is to use sprays that reduce the effects of the smell; you can preserve a can of spray along with you and use it in the bathroom. Sprays will also be very handy to make use of after school or work, if you have been putting on footwear for any very long time, and also you can’t wash your feet. Along with sprays, you should use powders that will also enable you to prevent itchiness. Without having powders you should use sodium bicarbonate – just put some in your feet before putting the socks on.

Most people know that feet sweat every day, but what many people do not understand is the fact that sweat is basically odor free. Certain strains of bacteria, which feeds from the sweat, may be the real reason to many feet smells, and also the amazing factor about this is, you will find natural and cheap cures you can use to “fix” this problem in an exceedingly short time. Some items attempt to fix the particular smell the bacteria emit, couple of really eliminate the smell in the source: the bacteria!

Although you will find natural home remedies to prevent your feet from sweating, the first type of defense against feet odor would be to treat your footwear, not your feet. Allow them to “breathe” and dry up every second day. In summer time, put on sandals avoiding “jelly-like” plastic. In the winter months, put on washable footwear that you could launder to lower the amount of bacteria that create feet odor.

It is also smart to buy footwear which is washable. In case your footwear could be cleaned, throw them within the washer or brush the insides with a tiny bit of detergent. To dry footwear, make use of a shoe dryer, or perhaps a hair dryer around the outdoors after which stuff the interior with newspaper and permit to dry overnight.


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