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Bladder Obstruction is one cause of an overactive bladder treatable with the daily intake of the Flotrol supplement

Bladder Obstruction While early morning trips to the john may appear to be simple responses to a full bladder, new research suggests a bladder obstruction may actually be influencing various brain areas to this effect, including areas responsible for memory and concentration. One of every 6 U.S. citizens experiences this regular annoyance of frequent bathroom […]


High Blood Pressure for the long term increases Glaucoma development risk

High Blood Pressure According to a new study, long term high blood pressure is believed to increase the risk of glaucoma development. Among the eye diseases, glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world. It is suggested that doctors consider a patient’s blood pressure in the course of glaucoma management.   High […]


Overactive Bladder Syndrome medication includes Mirabegron and Flotrol

Overactive Bladder Syndrome According to the U.S. FDA a.k.a. Food and Drug Administration, more than 33 million Americans suffer from overactive bladder syndrome, including 40% of women and 30% of men. Many people don’t seek help because they are either embarrassed or don’t know about therapy options, despite the numerous approved treatments for the condition. […]